En smakbit av World After.

Söndagar betyder smakbitar från olika böcker och du hittar alla hos Flukten fra virkeligheten.

Min smakbit är från boken World After av Susan Ee. Jag tyckte ju så mycket om Änglafall att jag köpte tvåan på engelska och läsningen funkar faktiskt. Men jag kommer ändå kasta mig över den svenska versionen när den kommer också. Smakbiten är från sidan 7.

A lot of people stare at us as the rest of the small caravan stops in the parking lot. They all saw me in the arms of the demon-winged creature that was actually Raffe, and they all thought I was dead. I feel self-conscious so I sit down on the bench beside my sister.

One of the men reaches out to touch my arm. Maybe he wants to see if I´m warm like the living or cold like the dead.

My sister´s face changes instantly from a blank slate to a growling animal as she snaps at the man. Her razorgrafted teeth flash as she moves, emphasizing the threat. As soon as the man backs off, she goes back to her blank expression and doll-like stance.

The man stares, looking back and forth between us for clues to questions I can´t answer. Everyone in the parking lot saw what just happened, and they all stare at us too.

Welcome to the freak show.

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